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General books about forensics

Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
Principles and Practice of Criminalistics: The Profession of Forensic Science Keith Inman and Norah Rudin 0849381274 CRC Press Aug 29, 2000 Highly Recommended
Forensic Science Handbook, Volume I (2nd Edition) Richard E. Saferstein, Ed. 0130910589 Prentice Hall Jun 5, 2001
Forensic Science Handbook, Volume II (2nd Edition) Richard E. Saferstein, Ed. 013112434X Prentice Hall Oct 8, 2004
Forensic Science Handbook, Volume III Richard E. Saferstein, Ed. 0133253902 Prentice Hall Apr 22, 1993
Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Second Edition Stuart James and Jon J Nordby 0849327474 CRC Press Feb 10, 2005
Ethics in Forensic Science: Professional Standards for the Practice of Criminalistics Peter D Barnett 0849308607 CRC Press Jun 27, 2001

Books about computer forensics

Investigating Computer CrimeInvestigating Computer-Related CrimeElectronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First RespondersCyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer CrimesIncident Response & Computer Forensics, Second EditionInvestigator's Guide to SteganographyDigital Evidence and Computer Crime Second Edition Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law EnforcementWindows Forensics and Incident RecoveryCD and DVD ForensicsMastering Windows Network Forensics and InvestigationWindows Forensic AnalysisForensic Discovery
Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
File System Forensic Analysis Brian Carrier 321268172 Addision-Wesley 27-Mar-05 (Highly recommended)
Franklin Clark and Ken Diliberto 849381584 CRC Press 11-Jul-96
Peter Stephenson 849322189 CRC Press 28-Sep-99
NCJ 187736 National Institute of Justice Jul-01 NIJ Guide
Albert J Marcella, Jr. and Robert S Greenfield 849309557 Auerbach Publications 23-Jan-02
Kevin Mandia, Chris Prosise & Matt Pepe 007222696X McGraw-Hill/Osborne 17-Jul-03
Gregory Kipper 849324335 Auerbach Publications 27-Oct-03
Eoghan Casey 121631044 Academic Press 22-Mar-04
NCJ 199408 National Institute of Justice Apr-04 Special Report
Harlan Carvey 321200985 Addison Wesley Professional 21-Jul-04
Paul Crowley and Dave Kleiman(Technical Editor) 1597491284 Syngress 8-Nov-06
Steven Anson and Steve Bunting 9.78047E+12 Sybex Apr-07
Harlan Carvey 159749156X Syngress (Elsevier) 21-May-07
Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema 321703251 Addison-Wesley 28-Dec-09 HTML version of the book is freely available online.

Books in other languages


Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
Computer-Forensik, 2nd edition Alexander Geschonneck 3898643794 2006 Errata and blog of the author


Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
Computer Forensics 1st edition Andrea Ghirardini and Gabriele Faggioli 8850325932 Apoge May 17, 2007 EAN 9788850325931


Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
Perícia Forense Aplicada à Informática 1st edition Andrey Rodrigues de Freitas 8574522260 Brasport 2006


Title Author ISBN Publisher Publication Date Comment
Форензика – компьютерная криминалистика N. N. Fedotov