Bulk Extractor

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Bulk Extractor
Maintainer: Simson Garfinkel
OS: Linux,Windows,Mac OS X
Genre: Analysis
License: Public Domain
Website: afflib.org/software/bulk_extractor/

Bulk Extractor (bulk_extractor) is a feature extraction tool written in C++ for extracting features from media images. Extracted features are stored in feature files that can be easily inspected, parsed, or processed with automated tools. Some Python programs that process feature files are available. Also, feature files may be browsed using the Bulk Extractor Viewer User Interface.

Bulk Extractor is fast. Rather than parsing file system structures, it parallel-processes 16MiByte pages of media on multiple cores.

Bulk Extractor is thorough. It searches for multiple feature types. Additionally, it recursively decompresses and reprocesses compressed data.

See Also

  • Bulk Extractor Viewer, the User Interface for browsing features that have been extracted via the Bulk Extractor tool.

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