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Founded in 1993, the mh SERVICE GmbH today is one of the worldleading providers for digitale forensics (computer-forensics). This, as the only company in Europe with own hardware-manufacturing department and software-developing department. Also with international certified forensic Trainingcenter and laboratory for IT-Forensic evidence-acquration, analysis and preperation of court-suitble certificates.

Other successful businessfields are Portable-PC, High Avialability Storage and Server-Solutions

As a systempartner and representative in Germany for the world market leaders of forensic Hard- and Softwaremanufacturers, they provide the whole productlines from one source.

With companyseat near Karlsruhe and the new Trainingscenter in Karlsruhe, the company is located in the Technology region "Mittlerer Oberrhein", always well known for Innovations. As a clientele in Germany there are Federal and Länder Authorities, european and international authorities, medium and big-size companies as well as univerities. With a good partnership to the customers, they also concentrate on new markets and innovative, new products.

Also they keep enhancing their products, with one eye on the already established market to import new products, to give the customer what he needs.

With big qualitycontrols and well-sorted selections for the used components, you will get highest quality in their products. This is shown through the extreme long lifetime of the devices from up to over ten years.

The highest goal is it, to get the customer well-served by the skillful Employees.


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