Cellebrite UFED

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Cellebrite UFED
Maintainer: Cellebrite
OS: n/a
License: Commercial
Website: http://www.cellebrite.com/

The Cellebrite 'Universal Forensic Extraction Device' (UFED) is a tool for mobile phone, smartphone, and PDA forensics. As of February 2009 the UFED was compatible with approximately 2,000 mobile phones (including GSM, TDMS, CDMA, iDEN). The standard package containing several dozen phone cables. The UFED had an intergrated SIM reader, with Wireless connection options also being integrated, such as IR and Bluetooth.

The UFED also supports native Apple iPOD Touch, and Apple iPHONE extraction on both 2G and 3G versions. This is clientless, and via a physical cable, and works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Subject data can be retrieved via logical extraction or via physical extraction (ie: hex dump). Moreover, all cable connectors from subject (source) side act as a write-blocker, being read only via the onboard hardware chipset. Extracted data includes basic handset data, the phonebook, SMS and MMS messages, SIM data, multimedia (e.g. images and videos stored on the phone), and time and date stamps.

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