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The Cellebrite 'Universal Forensic Extraction Device' , or UFED, is a unique and very cost effective mobile phone forensic device that is completely stand alone.

As of September 2008, the UFED is compatible with 1,625 mobile phones (including GSM, TDMS, CDMA), with the standard package containing 66 different phone cables. Wireless connection options are also integrated into the UFED, such as IR and Bluetooth.

The UFED also supports native iPHONE extraction on both 2G and 3G versions. This is clientless, and via a physical cable, and works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Using the MD5 Hash Algorithm, retrieved data includes:

– Phonebook

– SMS and MMS messages

- SIM data

- SIM cloning

- Multimedia (images, videos, audio, ect.)

- Date and Time stamps

- Deleted data

- HEX Dump

- and much more.

The UFED is flexible enough to be used in many environments, such as:

- Fixed to a desk in a crime lab connect to a PC

- Fixed to a desk in a crime lab (stand alone with no PC)

- Mobile in a car or at a VCP (connected to car 12V power)

- Mobile in the field (using battery kit)

While the UFED is completely stand alone, additional software is included to create specialised reports on the retrieved raw data. Customised reports give the additional option of containing your own logo, case file number, address, etc.