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Data Copy King is one disk image hardware,DoD data wipe hardware and also used as one professional forensic disk image tool.

Data Copy King has build-in IDE and SATA ports and supports USB data copy with adapters, it is one 1:1 hard drive duplicator. The top features of DCK is its claimed disk image speed at 7GB/min and data wipe speed at 8GB/min and its ability to copy bad sectors/unstable drives.

Data Copy King package

Universal hard drive duplicator

1, 'Universal' indicates the storage medias from hard drives to flash drives, from good storage medias to storage medias with defects such as a lot of bad sectors, unstable heads or motor after head or platter swap, clicking drives but still detected in the bios or other kind of logical failure with detected status;

2, 'Universal' suggests a combination of multiple Data Copy related solutions such as drive health checking, data clean or data destruction;

3, 'Universal' means the wide use among different fields like data recovery field, IT after sale field, Education and training field, Government and miliary field, computer forensics field, Financial department field etc;

4, One important thing to mention about the 'Universal' here is the green concept used, no backdoor design, physical read only, 0 training required, friendly and nice interface, Energy-saving, cost effective, etc.