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Office 365 Export Tool
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/office-365/export/

Office 365 Export Mailbox to PST Tool is a data transfer application capable of exporting Office 365 mailboxes. This program is specifically helpful in saving Office 365 data into the local system. During situations when the Office 365 data have to be transferred to different external/internal drives, this product comes in handy.


Office 365 Export PST is an application developed by SysTools and the tool is used for cloud data transfer to local hard drives. Its GUI is simple and easy to run. Because of this reason, it is easy for all users to operate this application. With the help of Admin Impersonation feature, it can move all Office 365 mailbox items in PST, MSG, and EML formats.

Product Overview

Users of Office 365 may need to move their data to a local drive and in situations like that, this application can be used for seamless Office 365 PST migration. Office 365 Export is a Windows-based tool that is compatible with all Windows OS including Windows 10. The software allows saving Office 365 data in PST format. Besides, it permits splitting PST file in the chosen size.


The application consists of several useful features, all contributing to the convenience of the users of Office 365 PST Export Tool. All these features together make this an effective utility.

Extract Office 365 Mailbox

Office 365 to PST tool seamlessly exports Office 365 Mailbox to PST file. All the data of a mailbox including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc., can be transferred into the local system with the help of this application. The program also exports all types of attachments of Office 365 emails. However, admin account impersonation is needed before the process. ce 365 without any hassle.

Archive Mailbox Migration Support

The software works in such a way that it can properly manage the folders in Office 365. Users need to select either single PST file or the entire folder of PST files to upload them into Office 365. For this purpose, this software offers three options like Add Folder, Add CSV or Add Files. Users can easily opt any of one option to add their desirable PST files from these 3 options.

Support for Multiple File Types

The software has a feature to export the selective data items from Outlook to Office 365 instead of importing the entire data items. It is a fast and easy way to migrate the PST data, which saves unnecessary space in Office 365 account. This feature allows converting the category-wise data like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from Outlook to Office 365.

Particular Data Transfer

By using the O365 Import tool helps users to safely migrate the data from Outlook to Office 365 account. This is free from error and ensures there is no data loss. In addition, it will maintain the folder hierarchy and structure after performing the migration. The utility also retains all the attributes of emails such as attachments and meta data.

Date-based Data Filter

During the migration of Outlook data file to Office 365, if the process is interrupted or stopped, then in the next time, whenever people start the conversion process, the tool will start the process the from the exact same point where it was stopped. This feature of the tool saves precious time of users and unnecessary space in the Office 365 account.

Pause & Resume Features

By using the SysTools Office 365 Import tool, people migrate the mailbox of Outlook to Office 365. After starting the conversion process, the software will generate a complete status report. However, this report includes various information related to the migration process such as the folder path, user id, export count, folder count, fail count, etc. This report is saved in CSV file format that helps users in the future for reference.

Naming Convention Facility

During Office 365 mailbox export in EML, this program offers a number of naming conventions to choose from. These are: Subject, Subject_Date, Date_From_Subject, Subject_From, Date_Subject_From, AutoIncrement, etc. Even within date, various formats can be applied. Any naming convention can be chosen for the easy sorting of the email messages.

Full Process Report

Office 365 Export tool generates the real-time status of the export process. This feature keeps the users up-to-date regarding the procedure. Apart from this, the software also offers an option to save a complete migration report to its users. This report can be easily and used later since it contains folder count, export count, fail count, folder path, etc.


The product is available in two different versions. Apart from the licensed version of the application, its demo version is also available. The demo version is free of cost and can be downloaded from the official website.


An experienced team of experts is ready to provide complete support of Office 365 Export Mailbox to PST Tool users. This support service can be availed by phone calls, emails, live chat, token, etc. and the service is open 24/7.

External Site

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