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File Format Identification

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File Format Identification is the process of figuring out the format of a sequence of bytes. Operating systems typically do this by file extension or by embedded MIME information. Forensic applications need to identify file types by content.



  • Written in C.
  • Rules in /usr/share/file/magic and compiled at runtime.
  • Powers the Unix “file” command, but you can also call the library directly from a C program.



Forensic Innovations File Investigator TOOLS

  • Proprietary, but free trial available.
  • Available as consumer applications and OEM API.
  • Identifies 3,000+ file types, using multiple methods to maintain high accuracy.
  • Extracts metadata for many of the supported file types.

Stellent/Oracle Outside-In

Forensic Assistant

  • Proprietary.
  • Provides detection of password protected archives, some files of cryptographic programs, Pinch/Zeus binary reports, etc.



Current research papers on the file format identification problem. Most of these papers concern themselves with identifying file format of a few file sectors, rather than an entire file. Please note that this bibliography is in chronological order!

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