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Google Drive Migrator
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Template:Demoware
License: Commercial

Google Drive Migrator (also known as G Drive Migrator) is a demoware application that can performs data migration between any types of G Drive account. This Windows-based tool has been developed targeting the Google Drive users who want to transfer their files from one account to another with ease and comfort. This utility is famous for conducting data export without any kind of data loss.


Google Drive Migrator tool is a data migration utility developed by SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd., a leading software company. Currently, version 3.0 of this program is available for the users, containing some useful features that have been upgraded in course of time. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System, including the latest Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Product Overview

Google Drive Migrator App facilitates all types of G Drive data export that is possible now. With the help of this software, all G Drive files can be imported into another Google Drive account, whether individual or Domain. It also supports transferring G Drive permissions. The user-friendly interface of this utility provides convenience to all kinds of users, including the novice and technically inexperienced one s. As a result, any user can operate this tool without facing any trouble.


File Transfer between G Drive Accounts

G Drive Migrator software transfers data from one G Drive account to another one. This tool offers four types of data migration: Individual to Individual Migration, Individual to Domain Migration, Domain to Individual Migration, and Domain to Domain Migration. It has the ability to export any kind of files stored in a G Drive account. Whether it is image, document, audio, video, PDF file or anything else, the migration is done with complete success.

Folder Hierarchy Maintenance

This utility is equipped to maintain on-drive folder hierarchy of the source account. It means that after transferring the data to the destination G Drive, the files can be found sorted according to the folder hierarchy of the source Google Drive account.

Data Transfer from Admin/ User Account

The software allows data migration on behalf of both Admin and user account owners. When the data export is done from the Admin account, the passwords of the user accounts are not required. In case of user account data migration, G Drive users have to provide the username and password for each account and validate them.

Shared File and Permission Export

This application is capable of exporting some other items besides G Drive files like shared files and permissions. The option to export shared files will not only migrate those files between Google Drive accounts but also save them automatically in a separate folder. Different Google Drive permissions like read, write, comment, etc., can also be exported to the new G Drive account from the old one with this application.

Pause/Resume Option

G Drive Migrator tool has an interesting feature that will come in handy to its users in case of an emergency. The data transfer process can be paused and resumed at any point during the process. Pausing will not abort the data transfer process and can be resumed later. The process can also be stopped and later the migration can be continued with the help of Incremental Migration.

Incremental Migration

The tool contains a feature named incremental migration. As the name suggests, this feature will allow migrating data of the source account from the point it ended last time, ultimately leading to saving valuable time and G Drive space of the users. This feature is applicable only if the tool has been used once before to export data from the same Google Drive account.

Complete Migration Report

Besides performing Google Drive data export, this software also provides an additional benefit to its users and that is generating migration report. After the migration process is completed, the users are given an option to save a complete export report. The report contains some important information about the migration including the file count, migration status, source id, destination id, etc. The report is available in widely used CSV format and can be saved in any chosen folder for future reference.

Date-Based Data Filter

For the users who prefer to export only a selective number of items from one Google Drive account to another one, this tool offers the option of date-based filtering. To use this feature, a particular date range has to be added to the tool as per the preference of the user. This application supports two types of date based filter: one is the date when the file was created and another one is the date when the file has been uploaded in G Drive.


This software is available in two different versions: demo version and full version. Demo version can be downloaded and used without any cost. The only limitation of the demo version is that it transfers only 50 items between Google Drive accounts. To avail the complete features of this tool, purchase of the full version is required.


Developer organization SysTools provides 24/7 support by means of live chat, email, phone call, and ticket service. The support team can be contacted regarding any query or complaint about the application.

External Site

Official SysTools Google Drive Migrator Website |