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Responder™ Professional is a leader in Windows™ physical memory and automated malware analysis. It is an application that is known for its ease of use, streamlined workflow, and rapid results. The Professional platform is designed for Incident Responders, Malware Analysts, and Computer Forensic Investigators who demand the very best. Responder Professional provides powerful memory forensics, malware detection, and software behavioral identification with Digital DNA™.

Memory Preservation

FDPro is included with Responder™ Professional. FDPro is the most complete memory acquisition software in the industry. FDPro is the only application that can preserve Windows™ physical memory and Pagefile for information security and computer forensic purposes.

Memory analysis.jpg

Memory Analysis

Critical computer artifacts are found only in live memory and Responder makes it easy to uncover and take advantage of this search, identify and report on f critical information with easy to use and an intuitive GUI designed to support investigation workflow.

Malware Detection with Digital DNA™

Digital DNA is a revolutionary technology to detect advanced computer security threats within physical memory. All memory is analyzed offline as a file; there is no active code to fool our analysis. We do not rely on the Windows operating system since we assume it is compromised and cannot be trusted. All executable code in memory is scanned, scored and ranked by level of severity based upon programmed software behaviors.

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Automated Malware Analysis

More computer crimes are involving malware as a method of gaining access to confidential information. The new face of malware is designed to never touch the disk and reside only in memory. Important delivery information, rootkit behaviors and malware not detected by AV can be easily found using Professional.


A flexible reporting module is built in for ease of use so you can quickly deliver the information in a succinct manner to attorneys, management or clients.