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Maintainer: Victor Stinner
OS: Linux
Genre: Analysis
License: GPL
Website: hachoir.org

Hachoir is a generic framework for binary file manipulation. Written in Python, it's OS independant and has many text/graphic user interfaces (ncurses, wxWidget, Gtk+).


Hachoir supports many file formats (more than 60 formats) and have many features:

  • Fault tolerant parser (truncated/buggy file or buggy parser)
  • Smart syntax: you don't have to care about endian or charset, and you can mix byte and bit fields
  • Few functions to modify files
  • File recognition using header/footer in a disk image (in any file) with few false positive (each file is checked using the parser)
  • Written in Python: OS independant and easy to script/extend
  • curses, wxWidgets and Gtk interfaces
  • Many programs based on hachoir-core and hachoir-parser:
    • hachoir-metadata: extract metadata
    • hachoir-strip: remove metadata and other "useless" informations
    • hachoir-grep: find substring in a binary file (using hachoir parsers: so search is Unicode aware)
    • hachoir-subfile: find all subfiles in a file
    • etc.