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{{Infobox_Software |
{{Infobox_Software |
   name = libpff |
   name = libpff |
   maintainer = [[Joachim Metz]], [[David Loveall]] |
   maintainer = [[Joachim Metz]] |
   os = [[Linux]], [[FreeBSD]], [[NetBSD]], [[OpenBSD]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Windows]] |
   os = [[Linux]], [[FreeBSD]], [[NetBSD]], [[OpenBSD]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Windows]] |
   genre = {{Analysis}} |
   genre = {{Analysis}} |

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Maintainer: Joachim Metz
OS: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: LGPL
Website: libpff.sourceforge.net

The libpff package contains Linux based library and applications to read PST, OST and PAB files.

It has been ported to other platforms like FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD Mac OS X and Windows as well.


Libpff was created by Joachim Metz in 2008, while working for Hoffmann Investigations.

Libpff is a rewrite of earlier work on the PST file format by the libpst project. Libpff was updated to be a shared library and support the OST and PAB files.

Currently libpff partially supports the data in PAB files.


The libpff package contains the following tools:

  • pffexport, which exports the items stored in PAB, PST and OST (PFF) files
  • pffinfo, which shows information about PFF files.
  • pffrecover, which exports recovered items stored in PAB, PST and OST (PFF) files

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