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There are a number of linux distributions.

In general they have primary repositories which are setup for every installation of the operating system and they have special purpose repositories which require specific setup.

Repository Setup


For current openSUSE 11.4 and 12.1 users it is necessary to have the following repositories configured:

  • security
  • devel:languages:perl
  • devel:languages:python

This is most easily done from the command line via (assumes openSUSE 12.1):

sudo zypper ar -f security
sudo zypper ar -f perl
sudo zypper ar -f python

zypper lr               # used to verify you have the repos installed




Computer Forensic Tools

Below is a list of computer forensic tools. For each tool the repository it can be found in and the version in the repository is shown.

As an example, aimage is in the openSUSE security repository and it is version 3.2.5

Imaging Tools

Tool openSUSE fedora debian ubuntu comment General Remarks
aimage security/3.2.5 ? ? ? a imaging tool to create aff format images aimage has been EOL'ed. guymager or ftkimager (windows/mac) are recommended
[[1]] N/A ? ? ? a imaging tool to create aff format images Guymager is an open source forensic imager. It focuses on user friendliness and high speed.
package3 ? ? ? ? another package of unknown purpose This is just another place holder to make the page look like something is going on.