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Outlook Duplicates Remover
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
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License: Commercial
Website: [1]

Outlook Duplicates Remover is a duplicate remover utility by SysTools software designed to remove duplicate email items from Microsoft Outlook. It is an independent program which can perform the functions without seeking any assistance. It is a standalone application which can implement the removal of duplicates in an Outlook PST files and folders.


Outlook Duplicate Items Remover is designed and marketed by Systools Software Pvt. Ltd. Initially, launched the demo version with limited features and thereafter followed the full version with all features and functionalities which is accepted by many users worldwide.

Product Overview

Outlook Duplicate Email Remover is an independently operating software which has influenced the Outlook users in the case of duplicacy removal. The program is built and developed with the intention to remove and discard the duplicate data items from the Outlook PST file. Outlook Duplicates Remover is a Windows-based tool and thus, it is compatible with all Windows versions, including the latest Windows 10 and all its below versions. It is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2016 and the previous versions.


Tool to remove duplicate emails in Outlook is programmed to deduplicate the Outlook mailbox data. It is designed with the aim to remove duplicates within and across the folder. It has no file size limitation and thus it can support both ANSI and Unicode file type of the Outlook PST file. It provides a feature to deduplicate the emails from multiple Outlook PST files in batch. The software generates a report with both genuine and duplicate data items.

Batch Duplicate Remover

The software is efficient enough to deduplicate the data in standalone mode. It provides an option to eliminate the duplicates from multiple Outlook files at once. With this option, one can add multiple PST files and the software detects the duplicate data items and thus, removes them from both PST files and folders.

Data Deduplication Options

Outlook Duplicates Items Remover (odir) is developed with the main priority to remove duplicates. With this consideration, the software provides multiple options while eliminating the duplicates from an Outlook PST file. The program offers two options to remove the duplicates i.e., Remove duplicates within folder and Delete duplicates across folder.

Displays File Attributes

The data items of an Outlook PST files contain various properties and dimensions, where attributes comes in. The Outlook Duplicates Remover utility add the PST files at once, after adding it displays all the attributes of the PST files such as File Name, File Path, Status, Duplicates Found, Name of Items, etc.

All files Status

The tool is featured providing any easy interface to work with. The software shows up the status of the PST file according to the number of files removed. When the PST files are added for data deduplication, the utility processes the files and starts removing the duplicates. While removing the files, it also displays the current status of the files simultaneously.

New Folder Creation

Outlook Duplicate Email Remover tool provides an option to choose the desired location to save the file after the duplicate files are eliminated. The utility ensures a safe mode by providing to option to save the file according to the requirement and choice of the user. This approach makes the user access the data at ease.

Microsoft Outlook Supported

The utility supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including the recently launched Outlook 2016 version. The software can support both ANSI and Unicode Outlook PST file types. ANSI file type includes the earliest versions of Outlook, whereas Unicode file type belongs to the latest Outlook versions.

Export Duplicate Options

The deduplicator software is programmed to provide adequate assistance to its end users by all means. The software generates two different reports in CSV file format after the deduplication is over. Outlook Duplicates Remover tool exports a duplicate report and the final report to differentiate between the replicated files and the original source file.


All Informations related to licensing can be read on the official website


Technical support is offered by means of email communication, instant live chats, tele-calls, ticket service and demonstration via video calls or other modes to provide assistance in any technical dubieties.

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