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Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer

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Brief features

  • Support for the database files with the following extensions: .Sqlite, .Sqlite3, .sqlitedb, .db3. They can be found in Apple, Android OS devices, Symbian OS Series 60 smartphones and also in Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Safari, Opera, Nokia PC Suite and Nokia OVI desktop applications data.
  • Blocks of deleted data examination.
  • Opportunity to recover clusters of deleted records. There is no guarantee that these found clusters are 100% true to life so they cannot be used as evidence in the court.
  • Built-in HEX viewer.
  • Built-in search engine.
  • Full Unicode and UTF-8 support.
  • Automatic hash calculation in the status bar for analyzed files.
  • Grid view cells and lines can be copied to Windows Clipboard.
  • Nokia dates conversion to readable view.
  • Unix and iOS date conversion to readable view.
  • Other Various built-in converters.


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