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Paraben Device Seizure

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Paraben's Device Seizure is your first line of defense in handheld forensics. Unlike data management software turned forensic tool, Device Seizure has its roots in digital forensics with such things as PDD (Palm DD command line acquisition), deleted data recovery, full data dumps of certain cell phone models, logical and physical acquisitions of PDAs, data cable access, and advanced reporting. The amount and quality of data you can get from a full physical acquisition far surpasses the information you can get from a simple logical acquisition. Accessing phones via IrDA and Bluetooth should only be used when other data connections are not available due to the insecure nature of these communication methods. With support for more devices than ever before and the addition of Symbian 6.0 support, no toolbox will be complete without Device Seizure.

What's the difference between Device Seizure and other commercial or free products to view Cell Phone data? Most commercial or free software devices is designed to not only view data but to upload data. This is not a safe way to perform a forensic evaluation. In fact, even some software marketed as forensic software warns of possible data loss. Device Seizure does not allow data to be changed on the device. Paraben can also add support for unsupported cell phone models from supported manufacturers with simple log files and a little time. Add all this together and there's no comparison for forensic acquisition, analysis, and reporting of handheld device data.

Paraben focuses on the physical level of acquisition offering more physical downloads of devices than any other company. Logical data acquisitions can't acquire more data than the device Operating System was designed to allow. The physical acquisition plug-in is unique to Paraben offering memory imaging on most of the devices supported in Device Seizure.