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Maintainer: Kristinn Gudjonsson, Joachim Metz
OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: APL

Plaso (plaso langar að safna öllu) is the Python based back-end engine used by tools such as log2timeline for automatic creation of a super timelines. The goal of log2timeline (and thus plaso) is to provide a single tool that can parse various log files and forensic artifacts from computers and related systems, such as network equipment to produce a single correlated timeline. This timeline can then be easily analysed by forensic investigators/analysts, speeding up investigations by correlating the vast amount of information found on an average computer system. Plaso is intended to be applied for creating super timelines but also supports creating targeted timelines.

The Plaso project site also provides 4n6time, formerly "l2t_Review", which is a cross-platform forensic tool for timeline creation and review by David Nides.

Supported Formats

Storage Media Image File Formats

Storage Medis Image File Format support is provided by dfvfs.

Volume System Formats

Volume System Format support is provided by dfvfs.

File System Formats

File System Format support is provided by dfvfs.

File formats

TODO expand this list

Bencode file formats

  • Transmission
  • uTorrent

ESE database file formats

  • Internet Explorer WebCache format

OLE Compound File formats

  • Document summary information
  • Summary information (top-level only)

Property list (plist) formats

TODO expand this list

  • Airport
  • Apple Account
  • iPod/iPhone
  • Install History
  • Mac User
  • Software Update
  • Spotlight
  • Spotlight Volume Information
  • Timemachine

SQLite database file formats

  • Android call logs
  • Android SMS
  • Chrome cookies
  • Chrome browsing and downloads history
  • Firefox browsing and downloads history
  • Google Drive
  • Launch services quarantine events
  • MacKeeper cache
  • Mac OS X document versions
  • Skype
  • Zeitgeist activity

Windows Registry formats

TODO expand this list

  • AppCompatCache
  • CCleaner
  • MountPoints2
  • MSIE Zone
  • MSIE Zone Software


Plaso is a Python-based rewrite of the Perl-based log2timeline initially created by Kristinn Gudjonsson. Plaso builds upon the SleuthKit, libyal, dfvfs and various other projects.

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