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When the user requests to delete a file, most modern operating systems do not erase the actual data. Instead, they merely erase a pointer to the file so that the file does not appear in directory listings. These files can be recovered by simply undeleting the file---that is, restoring the directory entry.

For some file systems, such as FAT, the deleted directory entry itself is easily recovered. In these cases the files can be recovered using an undelete program. In other cases, however, the directory entry is not available---perhaps because it was overwritten. In these cases the only way that the file can be recovered is through the use of File Carving.

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Founded in 2001, with the most advanced technological solutions available, SalvationDATA is the undisputed industry leader with a most experienced team of hard drive data recovery engineers, ready to provide constant, quality, quick and cost-effective disk data recovery softwares and services. Our solutions allow you to rescue data which is “lost” or inaccessible due to hard drive malfunction, such as crashed hard drives with firmware corruption, and even mechanical failures.

A wide range of customers around the world, including professional data recovery service providers (corporations, small businesses & consultants) and individuals, use SalvationDATA products to save their or their clients’ data from crashed hard drives. Also, SalvationDATA (China) is a reliable contractor of the Chinese Military and several national – level research institutions. Below are the key features that sustain the success of Salvationdata Technology Inc.

Years of Experience

SalvationDATA is a highly professional data recovery company with over 6 years experience in the Hdd data recovery industry, which enables us to resolve the complex requirements of our customers.

Consistent Product Development

The product development never stops, as we believe we have commitment to research the most up-to-date HDD data recovery technologies. It is common that when the Sales and Marketing Department is preparing to release a new version of a product, the Research Department has already begun the research on newer technology and creating enhancements for the next version. The latest product enhancements are always made available to our customers as soon as they are approved for release.

Customer Care

SalvationDATA understands that the technology in the data recovery field can be difficult to use, therefore our company aspires to help and support customers to resolve their problems. We aim to provide convenient, clear and intuitive interfaces. If users have any question or problem, they can either read the online FAQ or contact the Support Service directly via Email, Phone or Fax. Our technical advisers promise to reply within 48 hours. Furthermore, customers are able to update the latest patches online and can therefore be confident that they are using the leading technology and the most up- to-date solutions.

Complete Business Structure

Salvationdata incorporates a complete business structure: the development of technology, production of convenient solutions and products, quality control and assurance, technical support, distribution. This structure enables us to produce competitively priced products and to rapidly provide solutions for an extremely dynamic, constantly changing industry and market.

Staffs of salvationdata are working together as a solid team. Our current customers include data recovery companies from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Japan, etc. Salvationdata will be very pleased to cooperate with data recovery companies all over the world, with heart and soul effort and cooperation, to create most effective solutions to rescue the invaluable data of customers from every walk of filed in the world.