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Never settle for the best

"The perfect product," says SalvationDATA co-founder Fan Hengwang, "would understand exactly what you need and give exactly what you want." Given the state of data recovery technology today, that's a far-reaching vision requiring research, development and innovation to realize. SalvationDATA is committed to blazing that trail. Though acknowledged as the world's leading drive restoration and data recovery technology company, SalvationDATA's goal is to provide a much higher level of service to all those who want to go deeper in their field, whether they're data recovery companies, forensics professionals, public sector bodies or just new comers who are eager to step into data recovery industry .

To that end, SalvationDATA has persistently pursued innovation and pushed the limits of existing technology to provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use solution that can be adopted anywhere. To fully understand SalvationDATA, it's helpful to understand all the ways in which the company has helped to redefine how individuals, businesses and technologists view the data recovery industry.

SalvationDATA reputation for being professional, profound and progressive has been achieved by studying the details and getting to grips with and an in-depth understanding of our customer needs. To this end we focus on improving our products to be perfect through perseverance and diligence in our work.

What the "Professional, Profound and Progressive" stands for?

To fix on a particular function of one product, SalvationDATA will be patient enough in discussing it thoroughly across all departments, making the observations from the uers' point of view. Therefore customers can be sure to make the best use of each function we add inside our products and bring them real utilities that achieve their goals.

We respect and cherish each customer's suggestion from all around the world. After receiving your suggestion, your customer representative will contact you promptly, at the same time our Research and Development Department is processing a simultaneous analysis of the feasibility and practicality for your suggestion ending with an in-depth report. Therefore we can release upgrades & patches in the shortest possible time online.

We dedicated to the research and development and exploration in data recovery out of our love for this field. We develop the data recovery-related technologies and products because this is vocation in life.

Six things SalvationDATA has found to be true

Each outstanding company has a uniquely identifiable enterprise culture: The staff at SalvationDATA share the same beliefs and values and adhere to the truths we believe in and comply with them continuously. 1.Focus on the user and all else will follow.

From its inception, SalvationDATA has focused on providing the best user experience possible. While many companies claim to put their customers first, few are able to resist the temptation to make small sacrifices to increase shareholder value. SalvationDATA has steadfastly refused to make any change that does not offer a benefit to the users who choose us:

   * The interface is clear and simple.
   * Respond to request instantly.
   * Software upgrades are never charged to anyone.
   * No puffery.

By always placing the interests of the user first, SalvationDATA has built the most loyal client base in the data recovery industry. And that growth has come not through TV ad campaigns, but through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another. 2. Easy-to-use is a key factor

In today's highly competitive data recovery industry, it is not easy to become a comprehensive, professional data recovery technician. You need to spend years or even longer period of time, investing a lot of time and money on tools and training. Fortunately, SalvationDATA has the magic to convert complication into simplification and difficulty into ease. We have embedded functions into a button and make your work so much easier, along with professional brochures and manuals; you are able to capture each difficult technical problem one by one. In this way, it lowers your cost greatly on learning professional devices and techniques. 3.Sharing makes things better

Internet has changed our daily lives. It teaches us how to share. With this idea in our mind, SalvationDATA is willing to share our achievement and experience with more customers globally. We have infused the sharing idea into our products and services. More customers can share the excellent solutions and products and services from SalvationDATA, and achieve success in their business. Vice versa, we share the success from our customers too. 4.Fast is better than slow.

For businessmen, time is money; for doctors, time is life. And for us, a correct concept of time and a rapid feedback, it means a respect for the customer and the embodiment of professionalism. Fast, it is not only revealed in the performance of our services, but also in the new technology and keen awareness and prediction of the future trends in this industry. SalvationDATA is the first company, which infuses the idea of portability into data recovery device design and put this ideal into practice; as the industry pioneer which usse the highest standard UDMA100 technology for the first time; and the first manufacturer of HD head/ platter swap hardware tools in the entire world. 5.We are teamwork players.

We advocate teamwork; we refuse to be solitary heroes. Success is a teamwork task, which need joint efforts and wisdom. Every member of staff at SalvationDATA carries out their duties through their hard work and self-dedication for a common goal to the best. United, we stand. 6.You don't need to be in your lab to finish professional tasks.

The world is increasingly mobile and unwilling to be constrained to a fixed location. While your competitors are still sitting at reception desk and waiting for customers and cases coming to their door, you can take SalvationDATA products and arrive at the scene and diagnosis cases for clients. This is because we have integrated the mobility, key-level and other creative ideas into product development and design. Through high compatibility of USB2.0 interface, no matter you are in professional data recovery labs, or on the on-site attending to your customers case, on a 286 CPU desktop or laptop with Dual Core Intel chip, you can use SalvationDATA product Terminals to solve problems for customers easily and rescue their valuable data. Being in a very competitive industry, you are always able to stay competitive and one step ahead than others because of your fast on-site response and quality customer service.

The company's future prospects and plans

It is our goal to become the undisputed industry leader within the next 3 years, occupying 80 percent market share, being recognized as the best solution provider.

We will spend more budgets in research and development continuously, including new solutions for data recovery from SSD drive and Flash memory as well as forensics products, which create more commercial value for our customers and provide professional, accurate analysis reporting for the purpose of data forensics..

Providing data security consultancy and comprehensive solutions for large enterprises / organization.

Promoting and standardising the data recovery industry, with the commitment that all global computer users can enjoy professional, fast and efficient data recovery services.

Choosing SalvationDATA, it is not only a choice of prodcts and services but also the conviction of success.


To request product, training, and pricing information please use our contact information below. Please include your location (city and country), phone number, and specific comments so we can best determine how we can help you. Support Department:

Tel: (+86) 28 68599733 Email: support at (Replace at with @) Sales Department:

America Continent -----

Tel: (+86) 28 68599758 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 Email: usinfo at (Replace at with @)

Europe and Africa -----

Tel: (+86) 28 68599738 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 Email: info at (Replace at with @)

Asia And Oceania -----

Tel: (+86) 28 68107757 Fax: (+86) 28 68107757 Email: apinfo at (Replace at with @)

Manager:: manager at (Replace at with @) (To help us in improvement, please send any of your comments on our products and services to our supervisor) Business Time:

Working hour: 13:00-21:00 (GMT +8), Monday through Friday. On Holidays:

  1. The New Year's day (3 Days)
  2. The Spring Festival (7 Days)
  3. The ChingMing Festival (3 Days)
  4. The International Labor Day (3 Days)
  5. The Dragon Boat Festival (3Days)
  6. The Mid-autumn Festival (3 Days)
  7. The National Holiday(7 Days)


601 Research Institute of Computer Application, Chinese Academy of Science Chengdu Branch, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China