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  • Steganography Analysis and Research Center The Steganography Analysis and Research Center is a Center of Excellence within Backbone Security focused exclusively on steganography research and the development of various steganalysis products and services.

Steganalysis Training

Algorithms and Tools

  • Steganography Analyzer Artifact Scanner (StegAlyzerAS) StegAlyzerAS gives you the capability to scan the entire file system, or individual directories, on suspect media using the most extensive steganography hash set publicly availabe for the presence of steganography application artifacts. And, unlike other popular forensic tools, you can perform an automated or manual search of the Windows Registry to determine whether or not any Registry keys or values exist that can be associated with a particular steganography application.
  • Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner (StegAlyzerSS) StegAlyzerSS gives you the capability to scan every file on the suspect media for the presence of hexadecimal byte patterns, or signatures, of particular steganography applications in the files. If a known signature is detected, it may be possible to extract information hidden with the steganography application associated with the signature.
  • Steganography Analyzer Real-Time Scanner (StegAlyzerRTS) StegAlyzerRTS is the first commercially available network security appliance in the world capable of detecting the fingerprints and signatures of digital steganography applications in real-time.