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Tools:Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

BringBack(tm) offers easy to use, inexpensive, and highly successful data recovery for Windows(tm) & Linux (ext2) operating systems and digital images stored on memory cards, etc.
ByteBack Data Recovery Investigative Suite v4.0
Now with UDMA, ATA & SATA support, memory management and greater ease and control of Partition and MBR manipulations, ByteBack continues to uphold it's viability as the computer forensics and recovery application of professionals.
RAID Reconstructor
Runtime Software's RAID Reconstructor will reconstruct RAID Level 0 (Striping) and RAID Level 5 drives. People who have used it, love it.
Salvation Data
Claims to have a program that can read the "bad blocks" of Maxtor drives with proprietary commands.

Partition Recovery

Partition Table Doctor
The Linux partition management tool.
Active Partition Recovery

See Also

| Using Norton Disk Edit to Backup Your Master Boot Record


"fdisk /mbr" restores the boot code in the MBR, but not the partition itself.