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This is the list of Training Providers, who offer training courses of interest to practitioners and researchers in the field of Digital Forensics. Conferences which may include training are located on the Upcoming_events page.

Some training providers offer on-going training courses that are available in an on-line "any time" format. Others have regularly scheduled training that is the same time each month. Others have recurring training but are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Providers training courses should be listed in alphabetical order, and should be listed in the appropriate section. Non-Commercial training is typically offered by governmental agencies or organizations that directly support law enforcement. Tool Vendor training is training offered directly by a specific tool vendor, which may apply broadly, but generally is oriented to the vendor's specific tool (or tool suite). Commercial Training is training offered by commercial companies which may or may not be oriented to a specific tool/tool suite, but is offered by a company other than a tool vendor.

Some training opportunities may be limited to Law Enforcement Only or to a specific audience. Such restrictions should be noted when known.

On-going / Continuous Training

Title Date/Location Website
Basic Computer Examiner Course - Computer Forensic Training Online Distance Learning Format
Linux Data Forensics Training Distance Learning Format
SANS On-Demand Training Distance Learning Format
Champlain College - CCE Course Online / Distance Learning Format
Las Positas College Online Computer Forensics Courses
MaresWare Suite Training First full week every month
Atlanta, GA
Evidence Recovery for Windows Vista™ First full week every month
Brunswick, GA
Evidence Recovery for Windows Server® 2003 R2 Second full week every month
Brunswick, GA
Evidence Recovery for the Windows XP™ operating system Third full week every month
Brunswick, GA
Computer Forensics Training and CCE™ Testing for Litigation Support Professionals Third weekend of every month(Fri-Mon)
Dallas, TX


Title Website Limitation
Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA) Limited To Certain Roles within US Government Agencies(1)
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Limited To Law Enforcement
MSU National Forensics Training Center Limited To Law Enforcement
IACIS Limited To Law Enforcement and Affiliate Members of IACIS
SEARCH Limited To Law Enforcement
National White Collar Crime Center Limited To Law Enforcement


Title Website Limitation
AccessData (Forensic Tool Kit FTK)
BlackBag Technologies (Mac Forensic Tools- BlackLight and SoftBlock)
Cellebrite (UFED)
CPR Tools (Data Recovery)
Digital Intelligence (FRED Forensics Platform)
e-fense, Inc. (Helix3 Pro)
Guidance Software (EnCase)
Micro Systemation (XRY)
Nuix (eDiscovery)
Paraben (Paraben Suite)
Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering (CodeSuite)
Technology Pathways(ProDiscover)
SubRosaSoft (MacForensicsLab)
WetStone Technologies (Gargoyle, Stego Suite, LiveWire Investigator)
X-Ways Forensics (X-Ways Forensics)


Title Website Limitation
Computer Forensic Training Center Online (CFTCO)
CCE Bootcamp
Dera Forensics Group
e-fense Training
Forward Discovery, Inc.
H-11 Digital Forensics
High Tech Crime Institute
Hoffmann Advanced Forensic Sessions
Infosec Institute
Intense School (a subsidiary of Infosec Institute)
ManTech Computer Security Training
Mobile Forensics, Inc
NID Forensics Academy (Certified Digital Forensic Investigator - CDFI Program)
NTI (an Armor Forensics Company)
Security University
Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC)
Sumuri - Forensics Simplified
SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security Institute (SANS)
Zeidman Consulting (MCLE)