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==[[Scheduled Training Courses]]==
==[[Scheduled Training Courses]]==

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Events should be posted in the correct section, and in date order. An event should NEVER be listed in more than one section (i.e. Ongoing/Continuous events should not be listed in Scheduled Training). When events begin the same day, events of a longer length should be listed first. New postings of events with the same date(s) as other events should be added after events already in the list. If a provider offers the same event at several locations simultaneously, the listing should have a single (ONE) entry in the list with the date(s) and ALL locations for the event. Please use three-letter month abbreviations (i.e. Sep, NOT Sept. or September), use two digit dates (i.e. Jan 01 NOT Jan 1), and use date ranges rather than listing every date during an event(i.e. Jan 02-05, NOT Jan 02, 03, 04, 05).
Some conferences or training opportunities may be limited to Law Enforcement Only or to a specific audience. Such restrictions should be noted when known.

This is a BY DATE listing of upcoming conferences and training events relevant to digital forensics. It is not an all inclusive list, but includes most well-known activities. Some events may duplicate events on the generic conferences page, but entries in this list have specific dates and locations for the upcoming event.

This listing is divided into four sections (described as follows):

  1. Calls For Papers - Calls for papers for either Journals or for Conferences, relevant to Digital Forensics (Name, Closing Date, URL)

  2. Conferences - Conferences relevant for Digital Forensics (Name, Date, Location, URL)

  3. On-Going / Continuous Training - Training opportunities that are either always available online/distance learning format or that are offered the same time every month (Name, date-if applicable, URL)

  4. Scheduled Training Courses - Training Classes/Courses that are scheduled for specific dates/locations. This would include online (or distance learning format) courses which begin on specific dates, instead of the "start anytime" courses listed in the previous section. (Name, Date(s), Location(s), URL) (note: this has been moved to its own page.)

The Conference and Training List is provided by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Digital and Multi-media Listserv. (Subscribe by sending an email to listserv@lists.mitre.org with message body containing SUBSCRIBE AAFS-DIGITAL-MULTIMEDIA-LIST) Requests for additions, deletions or corrections to this list may be sent by email to David Baker (bakerd AT mitre.org).

Calls For Papers

Title Due Date Website
5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference Sep 30, 2007 http://scissec.scis.ecu.edu.au/conferences2007/index.php?cf=1
2nd Small Scale Digital Device Forensics Journal Oct 31, 2007 http://ssddfj.org/submit.asp
International Association of Forensic Science Annual Meeting Jan 01, 2008 http://www.iafs2008.com/abstracts/intro.asp
Usenix Annual Technical Conference Jan 07, 2008 (11:59PM PST) http://www.usenix.com/events/usenix08/cfp/
Techno-Security 2008 May 04, 2008 http://www.techsec.com/html/TechnoPapers.html


Title Date/Location Website
14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2007) Sep 10-14, Modena, Italy http://www.iciap2007.org
3rd International Conference on IT-Incident Management & IT-Forensics Sep 11-12, Stuttgart, Germany http://www.imf-conference.org/
ForenSec Canada 2007 Sep 17-18, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada http://www.csiservices.ca/events.html#ForenSec
SANS Network Security Sep 22-30, Las Vegas, NV http://www.sans.org/ns2007/?portal=69456f95660ade45be29c00b0c14aea1
Black and White Ball Sep 25-28, London, UK http://www.theblackandwhiteball.co.uk/
Wisconsin Association of Computer Crimes Investigators/Forensic Association of Computer Technologists Sep 26-28, Milwaukee, WI http://www.byteoutofcrime.org
6th Annual Internet Crimes Against Children National Conference Oct 15-18, San Jose, CA http://www.icactraining.org/website/registration.html
ToorCon 9 Oct 19-21, San Diego, CA http://toorcon.org/intro.php
BlackHat Japan - Briefings Oct 23-26, Tokyo, Japan http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-07/bh-jp-07-main.html
Global Conference on Economic and High-Tech Crime (Open to all) Oct 24-26, Crystal City, VA https://conference.nw3c.org/index.cfm
European Network Forensic and Security Conference 2007 Oct 24-26, Zuyd University, Heerlen, Netherlands http://www.enfsc2007.com/
Techno-Forensics Conference Oct 29 - 31, Rockville, MD http://www.techsec.com/html/TechnoForensics2007.html
Computer Security Institute Annual Meeting Nov 3-9, Arlington, VA http://www.csiannual.com/
First Forensic Forum Conference (F3 Conference) Nov 3-5, Tortworth, England http://www.f3.org.uk/
DeepSec IDSC Nov 22-24, Vienna, Austria http://deepsec.net/
Digital Forensic Forum Prague 2007 Nov 26-27, Prague, Czech Republic http://www.dff-prague.com/
PacSec Applied Security Conference Nov 29-30, Tokyo, Japan http://www.pacsec.jp/index.html
5th Australian Digital Forensics Conference Dec 03, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, WA, Australia http://scissec.scis.ecu.edu.au/conferences2007/index.php?cf=1
HTCIA Asia Pacific Training Conference 2007 Dec 12-14, Hong Kong http://2007.htcia.org.hk
SANS Security 2008 Jan 11-19, New Orleans, LA http://www.sans.org/security08/
DoD Cyber Crime Conference 2008 Jan 13-18, St. Louis, MO http://www.dodcybercrime.com/
4th Annual IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics Jan 27-30, Kyoto, Japan http://www.ifip119-kyoto.org/doku.php
AAFS Annual Meeting 2008 Feb 18-23, Washington, DC http://aafs.org/default.asp?section_id=meetings&page_id=aafs_annual_meeting
CanSecWest Security Conference 2008 Mar 19-21, Vanouver, BC, Canada http://cansecwest.com/
EuSecWest Security Conference 2008 May 21-22, London, England http://eusecwest.com/
Techno-Security 2008 Jun 01-04, Myrtle Beach, SC http://www.techsec.com/html/Techno2008.html
Usenix Annual Technical Conference Jun 22-27, Boston, MA http://www.usenix.com/events/usenix08/
International Association of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting Jul 21-26, New Orleans, LA http://www.iafs2008.com/
Digital Forensic Research Workshop Aug 11-13, Baltimore, MD http://www.dfrws.org

On-going / Continuous Training

Title Date/Location or Venue Website
Basic Computer Examiner Course - Computer Forensic Training Online Distance Learning Format http://www.cftco.com
Linux Data Forensics Training Distance Learning Format http://www.crazytrain.com/training.html
SANS On-Demand Training Distance Learning Format http://www.sans.org/ondemand/?portal=69456f95660ade45be29c00b0c14aea1
MaresWare Suite Training First full week every month, Atlanta, GA http://www.maresware.com/maresware/training/maresware.htm
Evidence Recovery for Windows Vista™ First full week every month, Brunswick, GA http://www.internetcrimes.net
Evidence Recovery for Windows Server® 2003 R2 Second full week every month, Brunswick, GA http://www.internetcrimes.net
Evidence Recovery for the Windows XP™ operating system Third full week every month, Brunswick, GA http://www.internetcrimes.net
Computer Forensics Training and CCE™ Testing for Litigation Support Professionals Third weekend of every month (Fri-Mon), Dallas, TX http://www.md5group.com

Scheduled Training Courses