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Alexander Sigel has 25 years of professional experience in IT, in information and knowledge systems and search solutions, in which he worked for 8 years full time as an IT forensic specialist. In this role and as a seasoned consultant for IT forensics he leads numerous projects and forensic special investigations at DigiTrace. He acquires data in an IT-forensically sound way, processes it and analyzes data traces. He also provides expert opinions and develops IT forensic tools. He is mainly focussed on the elucidation of business or white collar crime, or of non-compliant behavior, on eDiscovery, forensics in insolvency cases, and the analysis of Windows systems and application artefacts. Before DigiTrace, he has been working for several years as an IT forensic professional at a big4 accounting and consulting company. Alexander Sigel supports you in a preventive or reactive role concerning your IT-systems. He can obviate, analyse and elucidate:

   fraudulent behaviour and business crime
   non-compliant actions
   IT and information security incidents.

He can reconstruct, evaluate and comprehensibly describe events and facts based on data traces in IT-systems of all kinds.