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I've worked in computer security for more than a decade. I haven't done it all, but I've done quite a bit. I've written policies and procedures. I've secured web servers and mail servers and helped manage databases. I've managed proxy servers and firewalls, IPS and IDS. I've taken raw log data and turned it into pie charts and spreadsheets. I've run vulnerability assessments and security risk assessments from discovery to remediation. I've worked through host security to server security to network security. I've taught myself perl, forensics, and linux.

And along the way I've figured out a way to automate as many tasks as possible through scripting and scheduled tasks.

I am always seeking new knowledge and ways to keep my skills fresh.

I've maintained a GIAC GPPA since 2000, a GIAC GSEC since 2001, and a GIAC GCIA since 2008.

I worked in forensics back around 2005 and I've finally gotten it back in my job duties.