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Websites about digital forensics and related topics.

Digital Forensics

FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD
Belgian Computer Forensic Website
Belgian Computer Forensic Website - Forensic Boot CD - Linux
Bruce Nikkel's Computer Forensics Homepage
Bruce Nikkel's Computer Forensics Homepage
Presentations, links, references
Certfied Computer Examiner Website
Certfied Computer Examiner Website
Open certification process for digital forensics.
Cyberspeak podcast
Cyberspeak Podcast
Computer forensics, network security, and computer crime podcast.
E-Evidence Information Centre
E-Evidence Information Centre
An online digital forensics bibliography, updated monthly
Litilaw Computer Forensics
Litilaw Computer Forensics
Computer forensics article collection.
Digital Forensics Discussion Forum
Digital Forensics Discussion Forum
A forum for the discussion of computer and digital forensics examinations, certified and non-certified investigators welcome
International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
Volunteer non-profit corporation composed of law enforcement professionals.
Mobile phone forensics, cellphone related investigation and data analysis site.
Secure Hashing
NIST: Secure Hashing
The Computer Security Division's (CSD) Security Technology Group (STG) is involved in the development, maintenance, and promotion of a number of standards and guidance that cover a wide range of cryptographic technology.
Digital Forensic Research Workshop (DFRWS)
Official Website for Digital Forensic Research Workshop
Open forum for research in digital forensic issues, hosting annual meeting and annual forensics challenge.
University of Delaware] Computer Forensics Lab
University of Delaware
Computer Forensics Lab Resource Site.
Computer Forensics and Investigations
Computer Forensics articles, and website of Igor Michailov

Non-Digital Forensics

NIST Image Group
NIST Image Group
Many reports, including the NIST report on AFIS fingerprint testing.


Forensics Wiki (Russian Language)
Forensics Wiki in Russian


The expertise involved in a forensic investigation is best showcased through the documentation of the evidence and the recording of the techniques used for forensic investigation.
Computer Forensics World
Website with online discussion forums relating to computer forensics.
Forensic Focus
News, blog, forums, and other resources for folks engaged in or interested in digital forensics.
Solid Forensics Blog
News, tools, and techniques for investigators who deal with cell forensics, computer forensics, telephone records, DNA forensics, and virtually any software based digital forensics analysis.

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