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{{Infobox_Software |
{{Infobox_Software |
   name = AIR |
   name = AIR |
   maintainer = [[Steve Gibson]] |
   maintainer = [[Steve Gibson]]
Modding [[Nanni Bassetti]]|
   os = {{Cross-platform}} |
   os = {{Cross-platform}} |
   genre = {{Disk imaging}} |
   genre = {{Disk imaging}} |

Latest revision as of 18:10, 28 March 2010

Maintainer: Steve Gibson

Modding Nanni Bassetti

OS: Cross-platform
Genre: Disk imaging
License: GPL

The Automated Image and Restore or AIR is a GUI front-end to dd and dc3dd designed for easily creating forensic bit images.


  1. auto-detection of IDE and SCSI drives, CD-ROMs, and tape drives
  2. choice of using either dd or dcfldd
  3. image verification between source and copy via MD5 or SHA1/256/384/512
  4. image compression/decompression via gzip/bzip2
  5. image over a TCP/IP network via netcat/cryptcat
  6. supports SCSI tape drives
  7. wiping (zeroing) drives or partitions
  8. splitting images into multiple segments
  9. detailed logging with date/times and complete command-line used

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