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Apple iPhone

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The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. and sold with service through AT&T. It can be used to send/receive email (see IPhone Mail Header Format), keep schedules, surf the web, and view videos from YouTube. A large number of forensic products can process iPhones, see Tools section.

In December 2009, Nicolas Seriot presented (PDF) a harvesting application, SpyPhone. This application grabs data as sensitive as location data and a cache of keyboard words. It neither requires jailbreaking nor makes Private API calls (which Apple's App Store does not allow in any application it distributes).


  • Cellebrite UFED
  • iphone Data Protection is a set of tools that can image and decrypt an iPhone. The tools can even brute-force the iPhone's 4-digit numerical password.
  • Jonathan Zdziarski has released tools that will image iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. (law enforcement only).
  • libimobiledevice is a library with utilities for backing up iPhones. The output format is an iTunes-style backup that can be examined with traditional tools. They are available in the Debian-testing packages libimobiledevice and libimobiledevice-utils.
  • Nuix Desktop and Proof Finder can detect and analyse many databases from iOS and iPhones and can directly ingest HFSX dd images.
  • SpyPhone
  • Oxygen Forensic Suite 2010


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