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Windows Mobile is an operating system that has both a look-and-feel and a programmer API that are similar to Microsoft Windows but which runs in a dramatically reduced footprint. Windows Mobile is the successor operating system to Windows CE.

Windows Mobile Versions

Windows Mobile 2002

Windows Mobile 2003

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

Windows Mobile 5.0

Windows Mobile 6.0

Windows Mobile 6 is expected to be released in April 2007. Some users will be able to update their current Windows Mobile 5 to the new 6.0 version for free. WM6 will integrate tightly with Windows Vista. Challenges facing forensic investigators are the support for VoIP and advanced multimedia. While it is too early to offer details or experiences, it is touting to be more in line with the Blackberry "push" model then the previous Windows CE "pull" model.

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