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Acquiring BlackBerry Backup File (.ipd)

1. Open Blackberry’s Desktop Manager
2. Click “Options” then “Connection Settings”
4. Select “USB-PIN: 2016CC12” for connection
5. Click “Detect”, then it should show a dialog box saying it found the device
6. Click "OK" to return to the main menu
7. Double click “Backup and Restore”
8. Save the .ipd file

Opening Blackberry Backup Files (.ipd)

1. Purchase Amber BlackBerry Converter from [1]
Download Trial Version

2. Use File | Open and point the program to the BlackBerry backup file (.ipd).

3. Navigate to the appropriate content by using the navigator icons on the left.

Blackberry Simulator

This is a step by step guide to downloading and using a Blackberry simulator. For this example I downloaded version 4.0.2 in order to simulate the 9230 series.

1. Select a simulator to download from the drop-down list on the [2]Blackberry website. Click Next.

2. Look through the list and download BlackBerry Handheld Simulator v4.0.2.51.

3. Enter your proper user credentials and click Next to continue.

4. On the next page, reply accordingly to the eligibility prompt and click Next to continue.*

5. Agree or disagree to the SDK agreement and click Submit to continue.*

6. The next page will provide you with a link to download the .ZIP file containing the wanted simulator.

  • - If you disagree at any of these point you will not be able to continue to the download.


Blackberry Protocol

Here is a useful link to the Blackberry Protocol as documented by Phil Schwan, Mike Shaver, and Ian Goldberg. The article goes into great description of packet sniffing and the protocol as it relates to data transfer across a USB port.