Getting Started in Forensic Research

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Interested in getting involved in computer forensics research? Here's how to start.

Recommended Reading

  1. Read the proceedings for each of the past Digital Forensic Research Workshops sessions. If a specific article looks interesting, download it and read it!
  2. Review the IFIP Working Group 11.9 on Digital Forensics website and look at the proceedings from the past conferences (unfortunately, you can't download the papers and the book costs more than $100, but if you see something interesting it can usually be requested via interlibrary loan)
  3. Search for interesting forensic terms at the ACM Digital Library and CiteSeer
  4. Review the Sleuth Kit Website. In particular, review the issues of The Sleuth Kit Informer and download a copy of Sleuth Kit for your computer.
  5. Download a few of the public corpora from the Digital Corpora website and give them a try.
  6. Try your hand at the HoneyNet Project Challenges. They are a little older, but are still valid. Plus there are solutions from previous attempts online!