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'''Websites''' about [[digital forensics]] and related topics.
= Digital Forensics =
* [ Belgian Computer Forensic Website] - Linux oriented.
* [ Bruce Nikkel's Computer Forensics Homepage]
* [ Certfied Computer Examiner Website] - Open certification process for digital forensics.
* [[Cyberspeak podcast]] - Computer forensics, network security, and computer crime podcast.
* [ Digital Forensics Discussion Forum] - A forum for the discussion of computer and digital forensics examinations, certified and non-certified investigators welcome
* [ International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists] - Volunteer non-profit corporation composed of law enforcement professionals.
* [ Official Website for Digital Forensic Research Workshop] - Open forum for research in digital forensic issues, hosting annual meeting and annual forensics challenge.
* [ University of Delaware] Computer Forensics Lab Resource Site.
* [ NIST: Secure Hashing]
= Non-Digital Forensics =
* [ NIST Image Group] - Many reports, including the [[NIST]] report on [[AFIS]] [[fingerprint]] testing.

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