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{{Infobox_Software |
  name = MacQuisition Boot CD |
  maintainer = [[BlackBag Technologies, Inc.]] |
  os = {{Mac OS X}} |
  genre = {{Live CD}}, {{Disk imaging}} |
  license = ??? |
  website = [] |
The '''MacQuisition Boot CD''' is a forensic [[Boot CD]]/[[Live CD]] built for imaging [[Mac OS X]] systems.
==File Systems Understood==
* For Macs! Produces a [[dd]] image.
==File Search Facilities==
==Historical Reconstruction==
Can it build timelines and search by creation date?
==Searching Abilities==
Can it search? Does it build an index? Can it focus on file types or particular kinds of metadata?
==Hash Databases==
Can it create hashes of files and/or blocks? Can it compare these hash values to any databases?
What sort of hash functions does it use?
==Evidence Collection Features==
Can it sign files? Does it keep an audit log?
==License Notes==
Is it commercial or open source? Are there other licensing options?
= External Links =
==External Reviews==

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