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CPR Tools makes a variety of hardware and software products for computer forensics specializing in data recovery and data security. Located in rural LaBelle, FL, US, the design and development team are responsible for groundbreaking utilities used throughout the data recover industry. The flagship product in data recovery for many years was the company's ViewDisk™ suite.

In 2007, the company attended FOSE (Washington, DC, US) for the first time as a vendor. Their data security product, DefenDisk™, which is an external USB drive enclosure with an integrated degaussing mechanism, was honored with Best of FOSE in the Security Hardware category.

2008 brings new hardware devices to the foreground at CPR Tools. The company's newest release, Hammer™ performs NIST 800-88 compliant data erasure on up to four (4) devices at a time. By integrating ATA Secure Erase as a primary mechanism, Hammer™ purges data from drives quickly and effectively. As a fallback, an embedded version of the company's BangDisk™ is called upon for data erasure in the event attached drives do not support ATA Secure Erase.

The company has released their personal computer security monitoring system, AlarmDisk™ as freeware as of Q1 2008. AlarmDisk™ is currently available at the CPR Tools website and will be made available through the popular Download.com (C|Net) and Tucows distribution sites later in Q1 2008.

"Training, Tools & Solutions" have become the marquee for CPR Tools, which has offered training in data recovery, hard drive component structure and operating/file system internals for many years.

The company offers software utilities, hardware devices and data recovery tools on their website and secure online store. Training is available throughout the calendar year. For training requests or quotes, please contact CPR Tools using the contact form on the company's home page

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