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{{Infobox_Software |
  name = KisMAC |
  maintainer = KisMAC Team |
  os = {{MAC OS X}} |
  genre = Wireless forensics |
  license = {{Unknown}} |
  website = [http://www.] |
""KisMAC"" is a free and open-source sniffer/scanner for MAC OS X that uses third party usb devices including, Intersil Prism2, Ralink rt2570, rt73, and Realtek rtl8187 chipsets. All of the internal AirPort hardware is supported for scanning.
== Crypto Support ==
Bruteforce attacks against LEAP, WPA and WEP
Weak scheduling attack against WEP
Newsham 21-bit attack against WEP
More information about KisMAC can be found at [http://www. link]

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