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Fernico ZRT Cell Phone Examination Tool

ZRT is the result of extensive development with some of the world’s leading cell phone investigators to produce a very easy to use, fast, manual examination and reporting system. It completely streamlines the process of taking high-resolution photographs of screen displays and merges these photos into custom designed report templates.

Key Features

• Handles ALL mobile phones, PDAs, GPSs and other digital devices.
• Does not require a specific cable to extract the data.
• Combines photo taking with an integrated reporting tool.
• A Canon A640 camera (10 megapixels), mounted on a flexible arm secured to a desk mount clamp, is completely controlled by ZRT software.
• Camera is mains powered – no storage card is inserted into the camera – photos are transferred directly to the PC.
• Digital device sits on a non slip-mat – easily configured for left or right handed users.
• Off line version allows photos taken with other cameras to be incorporated into the reporting tool.
• Photos are automatically inserted into a selectable evidence report template and easily converted into pdf format.
• Very simple to set up and portable.
• Fastest manual method to acquire evidential data from any digital device.
• Can either be used by an operator or customized, with personal profiles, by an experienced mobile phone investigator.
• Text watermarks can be placed on the photos with a crop-photo tool for device close-ups.
• ZRT 1-day on-site or off-site training courses available.