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Releases with x contain [[Xplico]]
Releases with x contain [[Xplico]]
== Forensic Issues ==
* DEFT Linux versions before 4.2.1 will automount [[Ext3]] file systems during the boot process and recover them if required (bug in ''initrd'' scripts).
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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DEFT Linux
Maintainer: Stefano Fratepietro
OS: Linux
Genre: Live CD
License: GPL, others
Website: [1]

DEFT is a Live CD built on top of Xubuntu with tools for computer forensics and incident response.

DEFT Release

  • DEFT v1
  • DEFT v2
  • DEFT v3 - DEFT v3x
  • DEFT v4x - DEFT v4.1x

Releases with x contain Xplico

External Links