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(MPH, BSEE, CISSP. Advocating FEMA training and volunteer relationships with federal agencies. ("Politician" is a paid position that needs oversight).)
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Management and design experience from avionics and medical devices industries
USCG Auxiliary
  Flotilla Vice Commander, 8WR 16 (2012)
  Flotilla Staff Officer - Information Services, 8WR 16 (2012)
ISSA Colorado Springs
IGC Denver chapter, member
SoftHome.net (since Oct 2003)
  System/Network Administrator
NIST Cloud Security Working Group contributor
American Red Cross
Texas Engineering Extension (TEEX), div. of Texas A&M (since June 2011)
  Adjunct, DHS/FEMA certified cybersecurity courses
USCG Auxiliary
  Direct communication with CIO was authorized Feb 2010
  National Staff, Branch Chief Data Security (Dec 2008 - Jan 2010)
  Flotilla Staff Officer - Communications Services (Nov 2008 - Dec 2010)

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