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Data Compass is a hardware and software data recovery tool produced by SalvationDATA. The product uses a "3+1 Data Recovery" to restore damaged media. The product is intended to recover data from hard drives with multiple bad sectors, platter surface problems, head instabilities, or are making clicking sounds. A software component is available for filesystem repair.

Some of the newest innovations in Data Compass.

1.SA Emulation Technology To start with, the concept of ‘Service Area (SA) Emulation Technology’ will be explained, which is also called ‘Hard Drive Firmware Service Area Emulation Technology’. Emulation is used to describe a technology which duplicates (provide an emulation of) the functions of one system using different system, so that the second system behaves like the first system. It also refers to the ability of a computer program or electronic device to imitate another program or device. In reality, this technology has been applied to virtual computer system networks, such as virtual partition, virtual workstation, and virtual storage system. The virtual system is designed to accomplish a certain set of commands. The command set is used to reallocate the calculative resources which also enable the isolation of software, hardware, data, network system and storage system. Basically, the emulator is achieved by the emulation of the command set defined by desired system. Emulator can be categorized into different types according to the objective simulated layers. Currently, there are 4 main types of emulations which are hardware emulation, logical emulation, software emulation and application emulation. The Hard Drive Firmware Service Area Emulation Technology has been introduced here. This is a new technology which is used to initialize the firmware information of a specific hard drive by loading predefined SA resource file onto the memory of the external emulator. In another word, the hard drive will boot itself from the information on the emulator rather than from the native firmware information. By using the SA emulator, user can access the data area directly without repairing the corrupted firmware. This technology is quite similar to the Hot Swap operation where the emulation of SA is achieved by a donor hard drive. Because of the nature of the adaptive information, many modern hard drives are not facilitated themselves to achieve a successful Hot Swap operation. But, by using an external SA emulator, this problem can be resolved.

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