List of Volatility Plugins

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The Volatility Framework was designed to be expanded by plugins. Here is a list of the published plugins for the framework. Note that these plugins are not hosted on the wiki, but all on external sites.

Command Shell

  • volshell - Creates a python shell can be used with the framework.

Data Recovery

  • cryptoscan - Finds TrueCrypt passphrases
  • moddump - Dump out a kernel module (aka driver)
  • Registry tools - A suite of plugins for accessing data from the registry, including password hashes, LSA secrets, and arbitrary registry keys.

Process Enumeration

  • suspicious - Identify "suspicious" processes. This version counts any command line running TrueCrypt or any command line that starts with a lower case drive letter as suspicious.

Output Formatting

  • pstree - Produces a tree-style listing of processes
  • vol2html - Converts volatility output to HTML. Not technically a plugin, but useful nonetheless.