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* [[Defense Computer Forensics Lab]] (DCFL)
* [[Defense Computer Forensics Lab]] (DCFL)
* [[Defense Computer Investigations Training Academy]] (DCITA)
* [[Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy]] (DCITA)
* [[Defense Cyber Crime Institute]] (DCCI)
* [[Defense Cyber Crime Institute]] (DCCI)
* Futures Exploration (FX)
* Futures Exploration (FX)

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The DoD Cyber Crime Center, or DC3, is a Department of Defense organization run by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The center consists of four divisions:


The DC3 sponsors an annual conference, the DoD Cyber Crime Conference. They also run an annual forensics contest, the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge. The winner of the challenge receives a free trip to the DoD Cyber Crime Conference.


The DC3 was formed in 2001 when the newly created DCCI was merged with the existing DCFL and DCITA (at the time called the Defense Computer Investigations Training Program (DCITP).


The Executive Director of the DC3 is Mr. Steven Shirley.

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