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==Volume Shadow Copy Service==
Windows has included the Volume Shadow Copy Service in it's releases since Windows XP.  The Shadow Copy Service creates differential backups periodically to create restore points for the user.  Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions include tools to work with and manage the Volume Shadow Copy Service, including the ability to [[mount shadow volumes on disk images]].
== Also see ==
* [[Mount shadow volumes on disk images]]
== External Links ==
* [ VISTA and Windows 7 Shadow Volume Forensics], by [[Rob Lee]], October 2008
* [ Into The Shadows], by [[Lee Whitfield]], April 2010
* [ Volume Shadow Snapshot format], by [[Joachim Metz]], March 2011
* [ Shadow Timelines And Other VolumeShadowCopy Digital Forensics Techniques with the Sleuthkit on Windows], by [[Rob Lee]], September 2011
* [ Getting Ready for a Shadow Volume Exam], by [[Jimmy Weg]], June 2012
* [ Mounting Shadow Volumes], by [[Jimmy Weg]], July 2012
* [ Examining the Shadow Volumes with X-Ways Forensics], by [[Jimmy Weg]], July 2012
== Tools ==
* [[libvshadow]]

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