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''Under Construction''
The [[SIM Card]] is the basic memory device inside of many mobile phones in use today. This small piece of hardware has been key to solving many cases in the world of [[SIM Card Forensics]]. However, without the proper knowledge of the SIM card's filesystem, the user will be missing out on all the valuable information the [[SIM Card]] holds.
== Getting Started ==
[[File:What_you_need.jpg|250px|thumb|Items you'll need]]
This is a list of items to get you started on reading SIM Cards and their information:
# [[Windows]] operating system
# [[SIMCon]]
#* Program used to read SIM Cards
# [[SIM Cards]]
# SIM Card Reader
== Quick Guide for SIMCon ==
# Make sure the SIM Card Reader with SIM Card is connected
# Open [[SIMCon]]
# Click File > Read SIM or Click [[File:Simcon.png]] in the upper left corner of [[SIMCon]]
# Click OK when the next dialog box pops up
#* '''Note''', some SIM cards are locked. This is where the PIN needs to be entered if known.
#* If the PIN is unknown, the SIM cannot be read.
# Click OK again when the next dialog box pops up
== Definitions ==
=== MF ===
* Only '''one''' MF
* The Master File (MF)
* Root of the SIM Card file system
* Equivalent to the root directory or "/" in the Linux filesystem
=== DF ===
* Dedicated Files (DF)
* Equivalent to a folder in a Windows/Linux filesystem
* Usually three DF's
==== DF_DCS1800 / DF_GSM ====
* Contains network related information
* Specifying data in DF_GSM writes only to DF_GSM on the SIM
* The SIM is expected to mirror GSM and DCS1800
==== DF_TELECOM ====
* Contains the service related information
=== EF ===
* Elementary Files (EF)
* Holds one to many records
* Represent the leaf node of the filesystem
* EF's sit below the DF's in the filesystem hierarchy
=== PLMN ===
* Public Land Mobile Network
** A PLMN is a network that is established and operated by an administration or by a recognized operating agency (ROA) for the specific purpose of providing land mobile telecommunications services to the public. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_land_mobile_network]
== Information ==
=== EF_ICCID ===
This displays the ID or Card Identity of the SIM Card, this can also be found on the SIM card itself.
=== DF_GSM ===
==== EF_IMSI ====
* International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMSI]
* 310  -  260  -  653235860
* MCC  -  MNC  -  MSIN
** MCC[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mobile_country_codes] (3 Digits)
*** Mobile Country Code
** MNC[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code] (2 Digits EU / 3 Digits NA)
*** Mobile Network Code
** MSIN[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSIN] (Remaining Digits)
*** Mobile Subscription Identification Number
*** Within the network's customer base
==== EF_PLMNSEL ====

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