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{{Infobox_Software |
  name = volatools |
  maintainer = [[AAron Walters]] and [[Nick Petroni]] |
  os = {{Windows}} |
  genre = [[Windows Memory Analysis]] |
  license = {{GPL}} |
  website = [] |
The Volatools suite is a set of tools by [[Komoku]] for conducting [[Windows Memory Analysis|memory analysis]]. The current version, '''Volatools Basic''', can process images from [[Windows XP]] Service Pack 2 systems. A forthcoming version '''Volatools Professional''' should be able to process images from more platforms. Although the Volatools are written in [[Python]] and are therefore cross-platform, they require the [[Pykvm]] library that is only available for [[Windows]].
== License ==
The Volatools are licensed under the [[GPL]]. Some of the functionality for these tools is contained in a closed source library called [[Pykvm]].
== History ==
Volatools Basic was first released at the [[Blackhat (conference)|Blackhat Federal]] conference in February 2007. The professional version and an acquisition product, '''Komoku Acquisition Suite''' are scheduled to be released in 2007.
== External Links ==
* [ Volatools official website]

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