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The '''Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy''', or '''DCITA''', is the training division of the [[Defense Cyber Crime Center]] based in Linthicum, Maryland.  DCITA is a nationally accredited academy that provides training in four areas of study, including:
* Computer Technology
* Digital Forensics
* Incident Response
* Network Intrusion and Investigations
Training is provided to all branches of the U.S. Government including Federal law enforcement. Training is provided in a hierarchical progression of courses that range from basic Introduction to Networks and Computer Hardware to the pinnacle of Live Network Investigations. Over 20 different courses are provided in-house at the DCITA facility, with a number of courses delivered remotely on-site. DCITA also provides online distance learning to students that features remote access to virtualized forensic workstations, allowing students to practice methodologies online in a safe, sandbox environment.
DCITA instructors research and develop the curriculum that is used for courses. Instructors also provide formal presentations of their research at various security conferences including the DoD Cyber Crime Conference.
== External Links ==
* [http://www.dc3.mil/dcita/dcitaAbout.php Official website]
* [http://www.dc3.mil/dcita/dcitaCourseList.php Course Listing]

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