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The '''Common Log File System''' ('''CLFS''') is a special purpose file (sub)system designed for transaction logging and/or recovery. The CLFS is not a file system in the traditional meaning of a disk file system, but more of a logical (special purpose) file system that operates in combination with a disk file system like [[NTFS]].
== Overview ==
A CLFS log consists of a base log file (.blf) and one or more container files.
There are two types of logs:
* dedicated logs; contains a single stream of log record.
* multiplexed (or common ) logs; contains several streams of log records.
== Implementation ==
In Windows Vista the CLFS is implemented as a driver named: clfs.sys. User space equivalent functionality is provided by clfsw32.dll, which communicates to the driver by DeviceIoControl calls.
== External links ==
[ MSDN on Common Log File System]
[ Wikipedia on Common Log File System]
[[Category:Logical file systems]]

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