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Disk Disposal and Data Recovery

Simson Garfinkel, Abhi Shelat - Remembrance of Data Passed
{IEEE} Security and Privacy Magazine , January 2002
Author : Simson Garfinkel, Abhi Shelat
Title : Remembrance of Data Passed
In : {IEEE} Security and Privacy Magazine -
Address :
Date : January 2002

Evidence Gathering

  • Byteprints: A Tool to Gather Digital Evidence, Sriranjani Sitaraman, Srinivasan Krishnamurthy and S. Venkatesan, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology (ITCC 2005), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, April 4 - 6, 2005

Fake Information

Feature Extraction and Data Fusion

Computer Location Determination Through Geoparsing and Geocoding of Extracted Features


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File Carving

Text Mining

Computer Forensic Text Analysis with Open Source Software, Christian Johansson, Masters Thesis, Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola, June 2003

Signed Evidence

Thomas E. Duerr, Nicholas D. Beser, Gregory P. Staisiunas - Information Assurance Applied to Authentication of Digital Evidence
Forensic Science Communications 6(4),2004
Author : Thomas E. Duerr, Nicholas D. Beser, Gregory P. Staisiunas
Title : Information Assurance Applied to Authentication of Digital Evidence
In : Forensic Science Communications -
Address :
Date : 2004

Rolf Oppliger, Ruedi Rytz - Digital Evidence: Dream and Reality
IEEE Security {\&} Privacy 1(5):44-48,2003
Author : Rolf Oppliger, Ruedi Rytz
Title : Digital Evidence: Dream and Reality
In : IEEE Security {\&} Privacy -
Address :
Date : 2003


A Hypothesis-Based Approach to Digital Forensic Investigations, Brian D. Carrier, Ph.D. Dissertation Purdue University, May 2006

Other Papers