Zombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-Shutdown

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Hacking Bootcamp: Exploits and Live Incident Investigation [1]

WetStone has engineered a three-day interactive lab environment that allows each student to experience real investigative scenarios in a cyber safe environment. WetStone’s multi-pronged approach to this bootcamp allows each student to utilize the latest tools and technologies used by today’s criminals, and to practice the requisite live approach to investigation. This learning environment is the most effective approach to acquiring deep knowledge regarding both the latest threats and to practice in live investigation techniques and methodologies.

Unique Cyber-Safe Environment

WetStone has created a unique virtualized cyber-safe environment where investigators and IT professionals can safely use and experiment with some of the best malicious software and incident response tools including...

▫ Botnets
▫ Rootkits
▫ Sidejacking
▫ Wireless cracking
▫ Live Triage
▫ Memory Analysis
▫ Log Analysis
▫ Process Port Linkage

Students are provided with all tools and a cyber-safe laboratory environment with exercises installed for the lecture and hands-on portions of the class. In addition, all students will receive copies of the lecture and lab exercises and a reference CD. Those sitting for, and passing WetStone's written and practical exam, will receive WetStone Certification.

Contact Information:

1-877-WETSTONE ext 2

www.wetstonetech.com [2]