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General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) is a wireless data communication service that transfers data at a rate of up to 40-50Kbps, a similar access speed to a dial-up modem. It permits continuous connection to the Internet for mobile phones and higher data rates allow for the use of multimedia applications such as web sites viewing on mobile handheld devices. Other features provided through the use of GPRS are e-mail, video streaming, multimedia messages and location-based services. GPRS is based on Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication, which runs at speeds of up to 9.6 kilobits, and is available on almost all GSM networks.

GPRS is an efficient way of sending and receiving small bursts of data, such as e-mail and Web browsing, in addition to receiving large volumes of data.

EGPRS (Enhanced GPRS or EDGE) is an enhanced version of GPRS and uses a different type of technology. It allows GPRS transfers of approximately three times faster.