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WetStone Technologies offers Digital Investigation products and training.
Our products include:
*  [[Gargoyle Investigator™]]
* [[LiveWire Investigator™]].
* [[LiveDiscover™]]
* [[Stego Suite™]]
Our trainings include:
* [[Hacking BootCamp for Investigators™]]
* [[Live Investigator Training™]].
* [[Steganography Investigator Training™]]
==Industry Awards==
In both 2007 and 2008 WetStone was named Best Computer Forensics Solution from SC Magazine
and the 2007 Innovator
== External Links ==
[http://www.wetstonetech.com/ Official Website]
[http://www.wetstonetech.com/blogs/ Blog]
[http://www.wetstonetech.com/forensictools.html/ Products]
[http://www.wetstonetech.com/trainings.html/ Trainings]

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